Wednesday, 15.03 09h37

Supernada was already a lot of things, a lot of people and nothing.

At this phase, it is configured as a research field formed by 8 women, dance artists, interested in being other things, in being what they want. The universe of children and youth, women creating together, and kinetic energy is organized in a chaotic way within this field that have been experiencing different formats and configurations since its beginning.

  • Participating in this research are Aline Bonamin, Clarice Lima, Isis Andreata, Natália Mendonça, Manuela Aranguibel, Marcela Costa, Patricia Arabe and Rafaela Sahyoun.

Participants of other research periods in the past were Isabela Gonçalves, Josefa Pereira, Natasha Vergilio, Patricia Bergantin, Alexandre Magno, Bruno Levorin, Felipe Stocco, Leandro Berton and the participants of LAB Risca (Lote Osso) and Risca#2 (Sesc Bom Retiro/São Paulo).