Saturday, 27.01 18h06

Towards the end of 2017 i was invited, at a night like these, a Sunday like these where there is nothing to do, to have dinner with a very dear friend. She had told me that she had watched a movie and was on her way out to eat with some friends at a restaurant near my house. That’s why she thought of me. That’s why she had called me inviting me. I happily accepted her invitation, after all nothing had happened during my day, and I was itching to leave my protective bubble – my room, my bed, my laziness. As usual, I was a bit late. When I got to the restaurant there they were: my friend and two other people sitting at a table near the window.

I confess I wasn’t that hungry, or with that much money to eat, and, because of that, I decided to have soup. It was the cheapest order on the menu. Even though it was hot out, it was the cheapest option. One of the friends of my friend, that had just spoken at IMS-SP about the cinema of the Belgian artist Chantal Akerman, at one moment mentioned a book about this artist’s work titled Nothing Happens.

I woke up. The soup fell from the spoon, hands started shaking from nervousness, my already warm body, after all I was eating soup during a hot day, started dripping. The moment I heard that phrase, I remembered how much I am in love with those cinematographic experiences that make me dive into an expanded temporality. I remembered a character from waiting for Godot saying: Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful. I remembered my room, my bed, my laziness. I remembered that I needed to go back home and answer an e-mail. I remembered I was an artist and that I worked even on sundays where nothing happens.

Purple haze all in my brain.

NOTHING HAPPENS – Lab for studies of the new creation of Bruno Levorin and the research field Dizer Fazer.

  • Lab at: Lote/Casa do Povo

Rua Três Rios, 252 – Second floor

Bom Retiro – São Paulo

  • From February 5 to 11 –From 10h to 13h
  • This lab is destined for anyone from any area interested in dance and coreography.

Person must be available to participate in every day of the Lab.

There will be no selection, all applications will be accepted.

Open until 24h of 01.02.2018

We will be in contact with everyone who registered from 02.02.2018

  • The Lab is free. It is an activity of the project Lote #5 – contemplated by the 21st Edição do Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade de São Paulo.

Meridian Brothers – Niebla Morada (Purple Haze) Chantal Akerman – La chambre