Diego Agulló

Tuesday, 16.05 08h48

Diego Agulló was born in Madrid in 1980 and he presses orange juice every morning.

He practices dilettantism across art and philosophy investigating the affinity between the concepts of Body and Event.

Diego´s frame of research is called Theoros , and it is dedicated to create contexts for learning and investigating the role of the body in the practice of theory. It deals with the intersection between pedagogy and art, dilettantism and professionalism. In this light, the artistic practice becomes a way of practicing philosophy. The workshops are facilitated frames for a temporary collective body to engage in the process of dancing and choreographing a series of practical problems using the methodology of cyclic interval oscillation, a practice that seeks to keep open the relation to alterity. He teaches at Smash intensive Berlin at AFFECT, Agora Collective at HZT and Universität der Künste Berlin.