Saturn Feast

Friday, 04.08 14h26

“… laughter is everywhere, obsessive, obligatory, tyrannical, all contribute to this: license, inversion, masks, wine. More than a feast of Saturn, it is a party of laughter, and, as in all parties, laughter is noisier when one does not know what one laughs at. The return to the primordial golden age is the return to laughter, and laughter removes the individual from his daily environment, transgresses limits and rules. It is a laughter-evasion that, like grotesque laughter, annihilates the real world, annuls time. For the illusion to be complete, it is necessary to eliminate the refractories, the maintainers of the serious world, who, with their grave face, remind the revelers, that their feast is a lie, they must suck them, smear them, mock them, submerge them in the dissolving collective laughter. There is nothing more intolerant and merciless than an assembly of people who laugh.”

  • Fragment of chapter The Unified Laughter of Latinos in Georges Minois’s Histoire du rire et de la dérision (The Story of Laughter and Scorn). Publisher UNESP, 2003.