Lab#1 Verbo/CCSP

Sunday, 19.03 16h04

What is really happening when something happens?

As part of the research field entitled Chemical Fictions/Tactile Dramaturgies, this laboratory, facilitated by Cristian Duarte, proposes an investigation that focuses on reverberating empathy, vibrating between sincere and false physical engagement, or if you prefer, persevering for a sincere representation.

Grounded on a collective mute guffaw, in contact with the indignations generated by small and maximum humiliations we continue to daily experience in the environment in which we build and live in, the proposal explicitly carries the intention of moving a critical reflection that finds in the current political, social and cultural conjuncture its source of constant combustion.

What is really happening when something happens? seeks to stress the relations between bodies and things, pointing to laughter, and the neuronal mirroring that it triggers, as a political vector to problematize what exists between context-artist-public-institution.

  • Date:

WEEK 1: 03 to 8 April 2017
WEEK 2: April 24 to 29, 2017

  • Hours: 9h to 14h
  • Location: Lote/Casa do Povo

São Paulo, Br.

  • Selected participants: Isabella Gonçalves, Thiago de Souza, Beatriz Sano, Daniel Mazzarolo, Andreza Agueda, Thais Leite, Ana Luiza, Leo Nabuco, Lucas Brandão, Catarina Martinho, Manuela Aranguibel, Giuli Lacorte, Natália Mendonça, Joana Ferraz, Daniela Pinheiro, Isis Andreatta, Felipe Teixeira, Babi Fontana, Renan Tenca, Patrícia Árabe, Tassia Cabanas, Nina Giovelli, Fernanda Feliz, Mariano Mattos Martins, Marina Dubia, Carolina Repetto, Christian Casarin, Alysson Amaral, Helio Toste, Isabela Carletti, Fernando Gregório, Luana Vannuchi , Mariana Molinos, Tereza Moura Neves, Denise Melo, Ana Goldenstein, Tomás de Souza, Lucas Koester, Paulo Carpino, Chico Lima, Marcela Costa, Sherwood Chen, Flora Kountouriotis, Avilla Eve, Rafi Sahyoun, Filipe Couto and Isis Vergílio.
    Total participants selected for the 2 weeks: 47
  • ATTENTION: for health reasons Lab WEEK 2 had to be canceled on 03/26. A new Lab week with Cristian Duarte is due to happen still in 2017.