Morning Sun

Friday, 11.08 21h36


  • PERRINE VALLI / SAM-HESTER (Geneve/Switzerland)
  • [Dance]
  • Artistic residence Lote#5 welcomes the Swiss choreographer Perrine Valli for a workshop and the presentation of the piece Morning Sun in São Paulo. Her first Brazilian tour happens with the support of République et Canton de Genève, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Corodis, Dança em Trânsito, Lote/ Casa do Povo.
  • Founded in 2005 by choreographer and dancer Perrine Valli, Sam-Hester company borrows the names Andy Warhol gave to his cats throughout his life, “Sam” for males and “Hester” for females. Of French-Swiss origin, Perrine Valli is trained at the National Conservatory of Lyon, the CDC of Toulouse, London Contemporary Dance School and works as dancer with choreographers Estelle Héritier and Cindy Van Acker. The question of sexual identity has a central place in her artistic investigation, as an articulation of the relationship between narrative and abstraction in the choreographic work. After ten years of experience between Paris and Geneva, Sam-Hester company has been based in Switzerland since 2015.
  • Workshop/ 14h to 17h/ Free of charge
  • How to get from the desire to create to the creation of a show?
  • The workshop will be based on the universe of the piece Morning Sun that deepens the bond between dance and painting through the work of Edward Hopper, an American painter of the early 20th century. Divided into two parts, a theoretical part with reflection on the desire in relation to painting, and a practical part, with warm-up and improvisations, the artist will share her experience in the creation of the piece going through all its elaboration process – the emergence of an abstract idea until the creation of a concrete spectacle.
    “The movement of desire is a kind of physical and mental power, an effort to reduce a space between two bodies, the distance between one and the other. Desire is not a point of arrival, but a path to, is not a state, but a displacement, desire is, therefore, a movement… Hopper paints places, pleasant places. The city is a place, a landscape is a place. A woman is a place, a man is also. And that is why they can be alone, even when they are together. One sleeps, the other reads, one reads the other wanders. Hopper does not paint the pleasure. He paints the desire.” Perrine Valli
  • Registration is open ultil 24h of 17.08
  • Send to the address something (image, drawing, video, text, poem …) that you believe carry the idea of desire, along with a biography of you maximum 500 characters.
  • Intended for dance artists, or other artistic areas that have some experience or bond with dance.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English with translation into Portuguese articulated by the participants.
  • Those selected will be informed by email until 18.08.
  • Show/ 19h/ Free admission/ 80 seats/ 40min
  • Morning Sun is a women´s duet, a small-format piece derived from Une femme au soliel, the third in a series of six pieces initiated by Perrine Valli around the theme of desire. Inspired by the eponymous picture of Edward Hopper, Perrine Valli thus questions the meaning of otherness, the relationship between bodies. After numerous solos and collaborative works, she continues a work of constant tension between narration and abstraction, a search for the simultaneous representation and relation between inside and outside, considered here as a metaphor of sexual relation and desire between bodies. In Morning Sun, what is more specifically at stake is female desire.
  • Concept and choreography: Perrine Valli Dance: Iona D’Annunzio and Perrine Valli Music: Sunfast (Eric Linder aka Polar, Alexandre Muller Ramirez, Bernard Trontin) Lights and technical management: Laurent Schär Administration: Laure Chapel/ Pâquis Production Photography: Jean-Christophe Arav Promotion: Gabor Varga/ BravoBravo Support: République et Canton de Genève, Pro Helvetia – Swiss arts council, Corodis.
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