Tuesday, 05.12 23h55

14.12/ 20h

  • [choreographic performance]
  • debauchery: naive: vulgar: archaic: fragile: intimate: common: construct a physicality from the ass: play the epistemology of the ass: three orientations: learn that ass exists: learn to go to the ass: learn from of the ass and to the ass.
    Is it the metaphor of the South in the body? South? Taboo? What do we stop looking at? Where do we stop playing? Choreography? Performance? Flirting? Who will give? Who will take it? Where’s your ass? What is our common? How to listen? ¿How to become vulnerable to the other?
  • MACAQUINHOS is Andrez Lean Ghizze, Caio, Dani Barra, Feliz, Guy Godoy, Iaci Kupalua, Luiz Gustavo, Rosangela Sulidade, Teresa Moura Neves.
  • Contributors in this project: Ana Carolina Pires, Alzira Incendiaria, Carolina Brown, Rafa Amambahy, Yuri Tripodi, Serguei Dias, Mavi Veloso, Yang Dallas.
  • Suggested entry: R $ 10,00
  • classification: 18 years (contains nudity scene)
  • duration: 60 min
  • capacity: 100
  • After presentation there will be sale of beer and publications from the artistic residence Lote.
  • Publicity photos by Leonardo Pastor
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