Diva the Dog

Wednesday, 11.10 00h39

12.10/ 20h

  • [Vídeo performance]
  • Concept and performance: Clara Saito (Amsterdam/NL)
  • Camera: Deniz Buga
  • Video: Clara Saito in collaboration with Deniz Buga
  • Diva is a dog. The dog is the artist performing Diva for a month. Caretakers were able to volunteer to take Diva for walks in a place of their choice. During this month a camera followed these characters in their different habitats. This experiment generated questions about productivity and instincts— in addition to sticks and holes. But is a dog’s existence then about questioning? Diva the dog is a work that imagine how a human would live without social construct, basing their actions on their instincts, desires and senses.

  • Suggested admission: R$ 10,00
  • Age rating: 16
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Capacity: 70 seats
  • Promotion photography: video still
  • image