Collections of Unpredictables and Enigmas

Tuesday, 05.12 23h40

30.11/ 20h

  • Collections of Unpredictables and Enigmas
  • [concert]
  • by Tom Monteiro
  • By collections is understood a practice of organising music forms, that by the nature of collapsing the memory finds in the unpredictable, empty and accidental, the link with the essential.
    What is minimal is all subtle, to be unspeakable enigma.
    In this concert for Theremin, Modular Synthesizers, Electroacoustic Objects, Sequencer and Litarra, memory is the empty, possibility structure.
    Or, more simply, it is a fuck with active listening that is not meant to exclude anything from the wide range of sensations we are in contact with, making it a potency for perception.
    A song that dwells in the cosmos to the body
    A song that dwells in the body to the cosmos
  • Suggested entry: R $ 10,00
  • free classification
  • duration: 80 min
  • capacity: 60 people
  • After presentation there will be sale of beer and publications from the artistic residence Lote.
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