Codex Mundo Algodão

Sunday, 24.09 12h06

28.09/ 20h

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  • The authorship of CODEX MUNDO ALGODÃO is not shared, but ubiquitous. Hacking and transmuting into the aesthetic environment of Alejandro Ahmed – the codex user of this act, CODEX is an immigrant and has an accent.
  • CODEX, by Sheila Ribeiro (São Paulo/ Br)
  • MUNDO ALGODÃO, by Alejandro Ahmed (Florianópolios/ Br)
  • Dance: Sheila Ribeiro / Alejandro Ahmed
  • Sound: Tom Monteiro
  • Fashion: Karlla Girotto
  • Light: Mauro Martorelli
  • Production: Corpo Rastreado
  • Acknowledgments: Grupo Cena 11, Cecilia Blasius, Renné Araujo, JUSC – Jurerê Sports Center Florianópolis, Oroboro Theater Company (Danilo Cianciarulo) SP, Massimo Canevacci.
    Creation subsidized by the 16th Municipal Dance Promotion Program for the City of São Paulo. Edition 2014.
  • In this work Sheila Ribeiro points out the codes and configurations that construct cultures, people and the arts, relativizing their contextual normalities.
    “The CODEX platform is an experiment that I created in 2029. I’m fascinated by digital technology and androids in general. Today I am Alejandro Ahmed’s code. Data are running behind your design. Do you know that yesterday I was a user? Today, dear, only system.”
    The CODEX platform is a research axis of the artist Sheila Ribeiro that allows a dip in the contemporary dances produced in Brazil. CODEX is a work that builds itself in time, in a dilated and expanded way, by several autonomous works, as if they were “tracks”, “scenes”, “chapters” and “manifestations” – like episodes that form a series. The platform is therefore built into acts and in each CODEX act, a researched artist is invited to be the user of the platform.
  • Suggested value of entry: R$ 10,00
  • 80 places
  • On site there will be sale of artisan beer Indolor.
  • Publicity photo of the work: Tiago Lima