Thursday, 25.05 22h58

Assim não, pero cómo? is a research field designed by artists from Brazil and Spain. Desiring to approximate the distance between the two countries, wondering what can also be common in their political horizons, Assim não, pero cómo? flows to imagine different possibilities for the activation of artistic concepts with politics. Distracted by the desire to establish certainties about this swirling relationship between art and politics, Bruno Levorin (Br), Cristian Duarte (Br), Tarina Quelho (Br), Diego Agulló (Es/De) and Paz Rojo (Es) try to investigate ways of existing and persist to sustain the “how” of the question proposed in the project title.

In residence at Lote for two weeks, from May 8 to 20, land and context for the field that was benefited with the support of Programa Iberescena – Criação Dramatúrgica e Coreográfica em Residência.